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Posted by : Si 7/29/2014

Format: package
My first creation for Sims 4
Put package into Documents\ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo \ Mods

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  1. Ой, какая ты ж быстрая!! Молодец, топик просто супер. А в симс 4 он там перекрашивается ?

  2. This is great! I can't wait to get The Sims 4 and I will download this top right away. It is amazing how quickly people are doing CC for TS4.
    You make the best looking and guality CC for TS3. You have such an original and colourful style and I absolutely love your eyelashes ♥ They are much better than S-Club's.
    I was wondering (if you have time), that could you do eyelashes that look something like this and put them to TSR?:
    Made by you they would look so beautiful *-*

    1. Thank you very much Mary! Eyelashes are very beautiful! Maybe i will try to make them, but I can not promise that this will be quickly and also I can't promise that I'll put them to TSR, because these type of eyelashes have a bit higher polycounts for TSR, and they will can not accept them, so if I will make - i'll put them to blog at first.


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