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Posted by : Si 6/22/2014

Format: sims3pack/package
Set consists from dress(3 designs),accessory for neck(2 designs),umbrella(14 types, 2 types of priority for poses),12 poses(6 poses with fan and 6 poses with umbrella)
Big thanks to Ersel for helping me in editing poses and also thanks making her own poseset for ubmrella and fan, you can download it in her tumblr:

Download Ersel's poseset

Thanks to Alessia Amnezia, Jac Neil Frost, Ersel Schulz, KanoYa, Gabriella Graystone,Lany Stage, Rae'lyn Medina,Gergana, Anches for giving me their beautiful models for this set.
Thanks also to all creators, which content I use on models.
With thumbnails in CAS
Poses with playlist, key of pose see on the images.
Key for poses with umbrella: a_sintiklia_z1(2-6)
Key for poses with fan: a_sintiklia_v1(2-6)
Dress with morphs(YA/A), necklace with morphs(T/YA/A/E)
Fan and umbrella are in Rings category(T to E)
Meshes fully made by me.
If you have some question - ask me.
You can make your own pose sets for my umbrella and fan, but don't reupload my items - link for my originals!
Please don't reupload my creations and please give the link to the new or to Tumblr!
If you can't download from adf.ly or filesharing system please write comment!

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