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Posted by : Анонимный 6/13/2012

I tried to do look like Visual kei style pants.... like this: 

Pants have part of coat+ crosswise back belts+ pendant on one of the sides
Jacket is from standard game, cross on sim is from Leamonleaf's blog
I have version #2 of pants without coat, belts and pendant, maybe you like standard form of pants as my friend)))
First version has two variations: one is with black coat, black belts and black pendant, second has black belts, white coat and white pendant.

Format: sims3pack and package( updated 17.05.13)
For YoungAdult/Adult/Elder
Here is mesh in Workshop and Milkshape:

Look screenshots from game in all post

Screenshots from game:


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  1. Анонимный14/6/12 11:06

    Не за что!

  2. Анонимный14/6/12 19:05

    tanks :)

    I've got a question.

    um... first picture male hair.
    Where can I find ?

  3. Анонимный14/6/12 19:06

    thanks :)

    I've got a question.

    um... first picture male hair.
    Where can I find ?

  4. Анонимный14/6/12 21:46

    My sim has the same hair on all picture... if you think they are different, it is because I used a little Photoshop on hair on the first picture. I can't remember what hair I used, I tried to search, but can't find it... The same hairstyle maybe is in Newsea site: http://www.newseasims.com/ or Peggyzone: http://www.peggyzone.com/ but i am not sure...

  5. Анонимный15/6/12 02:15

    Thank you for answer.

    Do you know file name?
    Please tell me the file name.

  6. Анонимный15/6/12 14:07

    I search for a long time and this hait is in Lapiz Lazuli blog: http://lapizrazuli.blogspot.com/2011/04/hair-mesh-3-ares-male-short-hair.html

  7. Анонимный15/6/12 14:20

    *sorry hair...

  8. Анонимный15/6/12 20:08

    Thank you very much. :)

  9. You're awesome! I've always wanted a VK pants and I couldn't find one until now! You're the best! \m/

  10. Анонимный25/8/12 00:46

    Euri, thank you very much for your compliments. I am happy that you like my two pants)


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